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Give your pets the care they deserve

Read over these tips to give your animals the best care possible.

Ensure that your furry friends have the best and longest life possible with these pet care tips:

Annual Wellness Exams: Your pet should be seen by the veterinarian at least once a year. With an annual wellness exam they receive a comprehensive physical exam, heartworm and intestinal parasite screening, and any vaccinations that are needed. By detecting problems early at an annual exam they can be addressed before they become life threatening.

Spay and Neuter your pet: If you do not plan on breeding your pet it is best to get it spayed or neutered. This prevents many health condition such and prostate disease in males and pyometra and breast cancer in females all of which are life threatening conditions.

Parasite Prevention: In Mississippi pets need to be on an FDA approved heartworm prevention year round. Also, flea prevention should be used year round. This helps to prevent a miserable pet and costly vet visits in the spring as well as infestations in your home and yard. An added benefit of most veterinary heartworm preventions is preventing infection with intestinal parasites.

Appropriate diet: A good diet is key, and there are so many misleading and confusing brands and marketing schemes in today’s society. Come in and talk to Dr. Robinson about which pet food is most appropriate for your pet. We have foods that can help with weight management to dental health.

Vaccination: It is very important to keep your pet well vaccinated. Vaccines help prevent life threatening diseases. Your pet should receive a full series of vaccinations as a puppy or kitten and then annually. Flora Animal Hospital uses the latest vaccination policies and alternates vaccines so that your pet gets only what it needs at your annual visits.

Microchip your pet: A microchip can save your pets life if it is ever lost or stolen. At Flora Animal Hospital we use a microchip that must only be registered once and there is no annual fee.

Dental: Good dental health is key to preventing bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth abscesses, bone loss, heart disease and much more. A regular dental cleaning and the right food can not just make your pets breath better, but decrease their pain and increase their length and quality of life.

Medication: Dogs and cats do not metabolize drugs in the same manner as people or as each other. Some human drugs, many of which are over the counter, can kill cats and dogs. It is very important to only give a pet medicine that was prescribed for that particular pet by a veterinarian.

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